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Discovery Camps 2017

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Want Your Child To Spend Their June Holidays With Fun Activities And Learn About The Amazing World Of Science At The Same Time?

Join Us At Discovery Camps 2017!

Discovery Camps is back for a 50th time! With more than 10 exciting programs carefully chosen to make learning Science both an immersive and fun experience, your child is sure to have a whooping good time this June holidays! 

What Else Do Parents Like About Discovery Camps?

"It's value for money. The cost is reasonable... given that they provide meals (with halal and non-halal options), drawing materials, T-shirt and bag, and even transport for the 2 excursions in each program."

"Very good, go for it. I feel it's money well spent. 

Both my kids enjoyed themselves and they went for ... 3 consecutive years. 

I feel that it gave them a good foundation in science."

"The camp founder, Dr Seet Ai Mee comes by some of the workshops and interacts with the children. Best to learn science from a scientist right?"

"(The camp) was not too long. They really enjoyed themselves, and I could work in peace knowing that they are not at home and bored. 

Now their younger cousin has been attending the camp and enjoyed it too. 

It is very convenient as transport is provided (at an additional cost)." 

"My son thoroughly enjoyed the camp. He was excited to see pitcher plants in the wild. The paper hovercraft project was quite clever. We are also very glad he made some new friends. Will come back!"

4 How Sun Dr, Singapore 538526

The cost for each child for a 5-day Discovery Camp is S$450 nett. There is no proration if your child is unable to attend the full 5 days. Sibling signups enjoy 5% off and group signups of 5 children enjoy 10% off camp fees (apply promo code at checkout).

The cost of the optional bus service is S$80 per child per camp. No reduction can be made if you decide not to use the bus all five days.

Main Campus @ New Town Primary School

Campers will be given worksheets, Discovery camp T-shirt

& Bag, materials, lunches, morning & afternoon teas,

transport & entry fees for all excursions.


As detailed above. However, in some instances

for reasons beyond our control, last minute changes

may be made. 

Check Out The Amazing Programs Available!

300 Tanglin Halt Road, Singapore 148812

East Campus @ Hanbridge School

Block F, #01-01/02, Mountbatten Centre, 231 Mountbatten Road, S397999

Central Campus @ Bartley Christian Church

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About Discovery Camps:

From humble beginnings in 1992, Discovery Camps was the brain child of former Minister of State for the Ministry of Education, Dr Seet Ai Mee. 

Understanding that children are born with an innate sense of curiosity about their surroundings, and that each child has the potential to excel in anything they love, Discovery Camps was conceived with the purpose of nurturing a love for science and inquiry and to raise a generation of kids that are not only inquisitive, but also creative in their search for answers. 

Discovery Camps welcome children from 6 to 12 years old with programs structured and presented to appeal to their curiosity and intelligence. The interactive and participative methods and approaches used in the camp programs have since been incorporated into the new Science syllabi of Primary and Secondary Schools in Singapore.

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